The following types* of projects are eligible to be financed on a tax-exempt basis through the NFA:

  • Affordable Multi-Family and Senior Housing
  • Airport Facilities
  • Government Sponsored Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Equipment
  • Nonprofit Projects Including:
    • Health Care
    • Education
    • Cultural Facilities
  • Other Projects
  • Pollution Control: Solid Waste, Water, Wastewater Treatment Projects


Taxable Bonds

The NFA can issue taxable bonds to cover costs of issuance on amounts over 2% of the tax-exempt proceeds or for projects that would benefit from accessing the taxable market.


NFA Public, Private, Partnerships (P3)

The multi-trillion-dollar gap in U.S. infrastructure spending has been widely reported and the needs continue to grow. Public, Private, Partnerships (P3) offer many different financing options/models to finance infrastructure across the country. The NFA has the ability to issue taxable and tax-exempt bonds for P3 projects. The NFA is able to own projects and create special purpose entities (SPE) to better protect certain financings.


* NH specific projects must be approved pursuant to RSA 162-I.