The National Finance Authority (“NFA”) is the NH Business Finance Authority (“BFA”), which operates under the name the National Finance Authority pursuant to NH RSA 162-S introduced in SB 537. The legislation provides that, “It is declared that the policy of the state of New Hampshire to promote itself as an effective location for private enterprise, and therefore the policy of the state of New Hampshire is to provide for the establishment, support, preservation and redevelopment of business and industry, whether or not operated for profit, located outside the state of New Hampshire.  It is further declared that the performance of the powers conferred on the business finance authority as set forth in this chapter shall be regarded as performing an essential governmental function in carrying out the policy set forth in this section and by the carrying out of the powers set forth in the following provisions of this chapter. The purpose of this section is to expand and not to limit the existing powers of the business finance authority in order to carry out this policy.”